The ultimate in Children's Parties







The cost of hiring our Bouncy Castle for the day is £50.00 payable when we deliver the castle

to you.


The above price includes delivery and collection within a 15 mile radius.  Full instructions will

be given.  We will insist on a disclaimer being signed for all hires.  A fully refundable deposit 

of £100 will be taken at the time of delivery and will be refunded when the Bouncy Castle is

returned to us in the same condition it was delivered in.




Our Disclaimer


I (the Hirer) hereby agree to the following terms and conditions of this contact for the duration of the hire. 


I (the Hirer) the undersigned understand that:

Quadcrazy.co.uk is not responsible for any injury or damage incurred by persons or property during the hire period.


I (the Hirer) am responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment and agree that it is collected in the same condition as it was delivered.


I (the Hirer) maybe charged for loss of revenue if the equipment requires cleaning, drying or repairing after collection if the equipment is returned unfit for re-hire.


Adult supervision is mandatory whilst our equipment is in use

Problems and faults should be reported immediately by phoning 07837 578 146 or 07769 696 399

Under no circumstances should repairs ever be attempted.

Pegs or sandbags must stay in place during the hire period (please do not attempt to move or pack away the equipment unless instructed to do so properly.)

The surface of the Bouncy Castle / Mats is very slippery when wet.  Light showers may be wiped off with a dry towel.  We do not advise anyone to use the Bouncy Castle during heavy rainfall, if the rain is heavy it is advisable not to be used. 

Our mats stipulate slippery when wet please adhere to this warning.

The Bouncy Castle must not rub or chafe any object that is likely to cause damage.

The Bouncy Castle must not be used in strong windy conditions.

The Bouncy Castle must not be used by persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Children with back, neck or any other medical conditions should not use the Bouncy Castle.

All shoes and sharp objects such as buckles must be removed.

Necklaces, scarves and loose clothing should be removed or made safe.

Food and drink must not be taken onto any of our Bouncy Castle.

Persons over 12 years of age should not use our Bouncy Castle as it is designed for children.

The Bouncy Castle should not be overloaded.  A maximum of six children are permitted to use the Bouncy Castle at one time.

The walls should not be used for climbing on. 

The Bouncy Castle is to be used sensibly and children are not permitted to carry out any dangerous manoeuvers i.e somersaults.

The Bouncy Castle must not be used whilst it is being inflated / deflated.

Payment will be required in full upon delivery of the equipment.